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Puzzle platformer inspired by fire-boy and water-girl. You must traverse the levels using your different elemental powers to overcome obstacles and regain what was cruelly stolen.


The four elements represent emotions, each of which has elemental power imbued within.  At the start of the game 3 of these are taken away from you from a dark mass that represents a past trauma. As you complete levels you regain some of your elements, until, at last, you are ready to confront the enemy.


W - Jump

A - Left

D - Right

S - Drop through a platform

Element buttons require Num-lock to be enabled

8 - Air

4 - Water

5 - Earth

6 - Fire

I'm a college student and this was a project I made over a few months to submit for the YGD bafta 2018, unfortunately it was not nominated.  

Install instructions

The game and all it's assets are zipped into one folder, simply download, unzip, and launch the executable.


Elemental 11 MB

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